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LAB bride to be by Rui Mota Pinto

A long time dream finally came to life!

The LAB is a education laboratory for workshops, courses, and consulting services for professionals and couples.

Born from the combination of experience, know-how, innovation and irreverence, LAB BrideToBe by Rui Mota Pinto was created with the aim of promoting the professionalism and specialization of the market through training and workshops for professionals and to give real support to couples with dynamic workshops , with interaction and with concept that breaks the normal and monotonous barrier of the workshops and formations.

To the professionals the LAb also offers Wedding Planning Courses and a innovative service of consultancy for business development

Belief Wedding Planners AWARDS 10th EDITION

So proud and honored to anounce two more internacional awards on the 10th edition of Belief Awards. Representing Portugal at this edition i´ve been awarded for the 5th time for Best Concept and for the Black & White Category - "

Verónica & Pedro Concept Wedding "Prohibition Swing" was an amazing Concept that represents much of what i believe a Concept Wedding is all about. A story, a script, characters, every detail created for this specific concept. The mood, the dynamic, the rhythm, the colors and the elements everything carefull conceptualized so the guests could live an amazing experience. Thank you nuno Palha for the amazing photos

Carla & Pedro Carla & Pedro Concept Wedding “32,40,16,45 - 39,21,37,9,9,24 Meet Me At The River Side” was a very emocional moment and to see this specific photo awarded is very special. This represents a very emotional moment and i could not imagine a better photo to represent all the emotions of this day. Thank you Pedro Bento for another incredible photo.

Belief Wedding Planners AWARDS 9th EDITION

So proud and honored to anounce two more internacional awards on the 9th edition of Belief Awards. Representing Portugal at this edition i´ve been awarded for the 4th time for Best Concept and for the Black & White Category - "

Katie & Henry and Joana & Diogo Weddings were two very special days and very emocional moments and it is o great to see all the creativity on this concepts being recognized. Thanks Katie & Henry and to Joana & Diogo to Pedro Bento Photographer for capturing all the passionate images of all my ideas and concept in such an unique and perfect way!

Belief Wedding Planners AWARDS 8th EDITION

A huge honor and pride to anounce two more internacional awards on the 8th edition of Belief Awards. In this edition i´ve been awarded for the 3th time for Best Concept and for the new Black & White Category - "

This prize is only possible because of all the creative liberty Josiane & Bruno allowed me and for their believe in this incredible ideia and concept. Also thanks to awesome Pedro Bento Photographer for capturing all the passionate images of all my ideas and concept in such an amazing and perfect way!

Wedding Planner and Dream Maker RUI MOTA PINTO

Rui Mota Pinto is undoubtedly a weighty name in the universe of marriage while Wedding Planner.
With numerous international prizes and a series of innovative projects, this visionary, with regard to the celebration of love, has a prestigious place at the table of the National Wedding Council in New York.
We have been talking to Rui, one of the most honored members of the International Wedding Planners Belief IWP community, in order to understand what is driving the creation and development of dream weddings.

How does the whole planning process happen and what are the most important phases of it?
The first contact with the couple is crucial to me. It is only possible to create a perfect day for someone if there is empathy and some degree of intimacy with each couple's story. The process begins with a blank sheet without any reference.
It's just the story of those two people, their aspirations and their motivations for the big day.
I believe that a marriage is a junction of the Past, the Present and the Future.
Who were each of those people, their roots and their family stories, who are the couple these days that chose me to tell their story and who they want to be in the future and how they want to tell their story in the day . This junction of these 3 moments with the whole identity of the couple and my entire identity "makes happen" a unique concept and that in fact represents those 2 people.

What part of the process gives you the most pleasure?
The conceptualization and the experience of the day, no doubt. Starting from a love story and turning it into an idea, a concept and a timeline that is then adapted to create the perfect day is what gives me the most pleasure.
All this emotional and creative surroundings is something that is not possible to describe and nourishes this passion.

What is the importance of hiring a Wedding Planner?
Realizing the importance of hiring a Wedding Planner is first and foremost understanding his real functions and added value.
When it comes to a professional Wedding Planner, its supremacies range from the creative side, to planning management through budget management, to financial and contractual advantages with suppliers.
He will be responsible not only for this management but for negotiating the respective contracts and details.
For the couple, the planning experience of a wedding should be fun and no one better than a Wedding Planner to ensure this "stress free" process.
But the choice of a Wedding Planner should be made by properly certified, specialized and experienced professionals. Choosing an amateur or inexperienced person results in most cases in more headaches and more stress for the couple and a result of disillusionment.
We often say among professionals that "If you think that a specialized professional is too expensive wait until you find out the true cost of an amateur"!

How do you transform the ideas of the engaged couple, which can (often) be unbearable, in a result that does not disappoint their expectations?
I do not believe in impossible ideas.
I do believe that certain ideas need to be adapted and reorganized to materialize.
Whether for technical or financial issues, these plans can always be recreated and the expectations of the couple must be overcome and elevated.
The basic notion of the dream is the same, to make possible something that was thought impossible.
I believe, therefore, that for a marriage to be truly unique, the starting point must be totally free and devoid of any preconceived reference.
My work is beyond the conceptualization of all this, to make these dreams come true and to reorganize them, to recreate them, to readapt them so that they can leave the dimension of the dream for the reality.

What is the biggest challenge in your work as a Wedding Planner?
The creation of something distinct and unique for each couple is undoubtedly the greatest challenge and also my greatest passion.
The development of conceptual, distinct and as different marriages as great productions, vintage, beach weddings, medieval or car shows, more intimate, in libraries or with irreverent and radical concepts is something that constantly challenges me and which represents the greatest challenge because it requires of me a constant reinvention of myself and of my own concepts. In the end all the stories I tell needs to have "a title"!
I believe that there are no equal passions, so I never develop two equal marriages.
They should reflect the history of each couple and the concept of a marriage should be that - the title and the script of that love story!

Wedding Tailor & Planner Rui Motta Pinto

With the banalization of the term Wedding Planner I decided to make a small rebranding to the brand by assuming what I truly am - creator of weddings by measure.

The term Tailor was chosen with the intention of including a vision of "craftsman" of "tailor made"

The image was created in calligraphy to represent something done from scratch, to convey exactly a notion of an irrepeatable concept without being in my own hands.

This is a change that was in my head for a long time and that I am very proud of.

I continue to be the same professional, with the same philosophy, concept and passion. Now with an image that I believe represents me even better.

I hope you like it!

Belief Wedding Planners AWARDS 5th EDITION

A huge honor and pride to anounce two more internacional awards on the %th edition of Belief Awards. The 4th time awarded on Belied Internacional Awards. This time in both categories - Best Concept Tania & Ricardo Wedding created in May 2016- "Childhood memories - A ragdoll fell in love with a tinsoldier"

BEst Photo - Mariana & thiago Wedding created in September 2016

This prize is only possible because of all the creative liberty Tania & joRicardo allowed me and for their believe in this incredible ideia and concept. Also thanks to NJ Mattos for capturing all the passionate images of all my ideas and comncept in a way that only they can do!

After the certification as a vende from NWC, the invitation to be a National Wedding Council member is one of the biggest honors of my career.

Being a member of an organization with such relevance and importance as this, and to be part of the process and decision fo certificate other profissionals from all over the world is a tremendous honor and a true commitement to the best and true principais that this council stands by. "The National Wedding Council is the industry watchdog whose mission is to protect engaged couples, and maintain integrity in the marketplace, by holding vendors to the highest professional standards." Beyond all the pride, being the first and only Portuguese professional represented in this Council is also an honor and major responsability.

2nd International Certification

To be the first Wedding Planner in Portugal to get this certification gives me beyond a huge honor also a major responsibility and commitment to make even better and to keep all this passion for my work.

Belief Wedding Planners AWARDS 3th EDITION

Proud to announce the award for Best Concept from Rita & João Wedding created April 2016 - Concept Literature

This prize is only possible because of all the creative liberty Rita & joão allowed me and for their believe on this magnificent concept. Also thanks to NJ Mattos for capturing the amazing images of all my ideas and comncept in a way that only their lens can do!


Proud to announce the 2nd award for Special Photo in the Belief IWP awards. Thhis time from Sónia & Nuno Wedding that i created past September 2015

This category represents a unique moment, detail or design.

This prize is only possible because of the "amazing photogtapher behind the lens" Pedro Bento.

"To Live a Passion" - editon nº 7 of Eventos de Sonho Magazine

Following the "Special Photo Award" at Belief IWP Awards


Proud to announce the award for Special Photo from Renata & Erik Wedding that i created past August 2015

This category represents a unique moment, detail or design.

This prize is only possible because of the "genius behind the lens" Nuno Palha. The way he captures the essence of the Wedding and of all my criations is just perfect and unmatched.

Dare yourself to dream!

Your wedding should be everything you've always dreamed off.

This was the motto for the creation of the Trendy Concept.

In a Market where Wedding Planners are usually associated to high fees and budgets, and where the wedding planning service is not seen as a necessity, Wedding Planner Rui Mota Pinto created a concept that aims the offer to all couples so they can have the possibility to have trained, professionals and specialized Wedding Planners to fulfill their dreams .

And it is with passion, in an environment where every, absolutely every details are thought, that we transform your dream into reality, making this day an unforgettable moment for you and your guests.

Tell us what you want and we´ll make it happen.

Dream and we create.

A Low Cost Wedding Planning solution combined with a service of excellence, developed by a team created and educated/molded by Wedding Planner Rui Mota Pinto.
A new generation of Wedding Planners, with a new vision, the same recognized professionalism where passion, dedication and expertise go hand in hand. Lowcost just met perfection!

It Can Be Perfect For Everyone

for more informations It can be perfect for everyone!

TRENDY - Wedding Planners By Rui Mota Pinto
Because Passion Is Our Guide!

Wedding Planner Rui Mota Pinto in collaboration with Wedding Photographer Nuno Palha presents POPUP WEDDINGS

A new unprecedented and unique Wedding service of SINGLE, simple, low cost and magical weddings with an ELITE team of professionals.
Wedding planners, celebrants and photographers come together to create the best POP UP weddings experience ever seen!
In collaboration with the Wedding Photographer Nuno Palha comes a unique and magical concept!
A small wedding, special and with few guests.
We transform ideas into a magical experience Anywhere .... even in the most unique and unlikely!
After the ceremony we take some pictures
And do everything in one hour ... in order for you to go to honey moon sooner!
Now in collaboration with one of the most prestigious wedding photographers - Nuno palha - comes another innovative concept!
For more information please contac

" In the End.... It´s all about your happiness! Make It Your Day....Your Way!

For more information contact

In collaboration with B & G Associados.

Wedding Planner Rui Mota Pinto presents a new service WEDDING LEGAL ADVISE

Make It Wonderful! Make It Legal!

Following the innovative service Wedding Advise released in September 2014, the Wedding Planner Rui Mota Pinto complements this service with another innovative aspect.
In collaboration with the Branco Garcia & Associados, RL law firm arises Wedding Legal Advise.
Aware of the lack of information and knowledge that the couple has on legal matters related to marriage Branco GARCIA & G Associates, Lawyers RL Company now offers consultations advice and support on all legal and bureaucratic aspects of the marriage act .
And all with the help of the Wedding Planner Rui Mota Pinto and his Wedding Advise service.

A unique and innovative service that aims to prepare the bride and groom not only for the planning of your day but also so that they can make a conscious decision on the legal form they want for their wedding and have knowledge of the various situations that may arise in legal terms in future.

Rui Mota Pinto continues to focus on specialization and exclusivity of its services in a single view in Portugal where innovation, creativity and professionalism is always present.

For more information or markings contact or

Because Happiness is Also a Legal Matter!

Make It Wonderful! Make It Legal!

A new service, a new vision, a new way of making dreams come true!"

Following the tremendous success of recent years, Wedding Planner Rui Mota Pinto returns to surprise and innovate with a new concept in the Wedding Planning area in Portugal : Wedding Advise!

Aware of the current difficulties of the national market, and little habit of Portuguese copules to hire a wedding Planner, Rui Mota Pinto created a service that allows couples to make single appointments for the planning, organization and management of their wedding without the need of hiring a wedding Planning full service.

A service the bride and groom can build to suit their needs and timings, scheduling isolated Planning and Counseling consultations with a major Portuguese reference of Wedding Planning.

Rui Mota Pinto innovates again with a new take on the job of Wedding Planner.

A renewing vision , adapting to new realities and that allows all couples a professional and expert advice at key moments, so that the wedding day is indeed unforgettable and unique.

Because in the end ....
It's all about your happiness!
Make It Your Day .... Your Way!

For more information and appointments please contact via email

A recognition for the work done over the past years. Wedding Award in 2014 for best provider in the area of Wedidng Planning and Organization.

Prize awarded by the couples from the site "".

Is there a better way to be recognized?

To all the couples who have made this award a reality a huge thanks!

Wedding Planner Rui Mota Pinto

It's Happinness all about!
Make It Your Day .... Your Way

2013 was a year of great professional recognition for the Wedding Planner Rui Mota Pinto being invited to write a regular column as a specialist at the blog at Bride and Groom Portal "Noivos de Fresco".

Video Report produced by WeDoWeddings. conducted by Marlena Barreto to Channel "Sapo Mulher" with Wedding Planner Rui Mota Pinto