Rui Mota Pinto

Wedding Tailor & Planner

"when you put together infinite creativity and a proactive entrepreneur, the chances are real that you will have Rui as the result! He has an incredible professional background as a wedding planner and his concepts are spot on. He is a game changer in all creative process in the wedding industry to make the events not only beautiful but with character and out of the box.” by BELIEF International Wedding Planners Community

More than planning weddings I create weddings.

All my work begins with a blank sheet, and all my weddings are like a script of a love story
Like a book ... A BOOK OF LOVE!
With characters, actors, arguments and readers!

More than just tendencies, my Weddings are Love Stories, where all the couple story is incorporated and where the identity of each couple and my own fingerprint are always present.

I love traveling, I love the sea, I love theater and I love Cirque du Soleil. All these influences are part of my creations, so I believe there should be no limits on how we think and create a wedding. Everything is possible and we should dream as much as we wish and make it happen on the day of the wedding!

I love culture and to have been born in a country so rich in heritage and culture, the cultural aspects of each place and each couple are important for me to be present on the day of the wedding as part of each love story.

I believe that we all fall in love in different ways, so I believe that all weddings must also be different, just as our passion is!

I do not believe in impossible ideas.
I believe that certain ideas need to be adapted and reorganized to materialize.

In the end a "A Wedding is a Past, a Present and a Future" and just as a writer my job is to tell that Story of Love that happens through the time until the day of the wedding.

I started my career at age 19, with my first event and advertising company, where I started to organize weddings.

At age 26, I began my career as a Wedding Planner built to date with experience, training and specialized certification in N,. passion and a natural will to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

More than two decades later my signature is today synonymous with creativity. style and elegance through a unique vision of what I believe to be a wedding.

Over the years I've been trying to surprise, surpassing expectations by incorporating inspiration, imagination and innovation to deliver memorable events. Today the unique concept of my work as Wedding Tailor & Planner combining the technical know-how and experience to a unique creativity idealizing each marriage from the root thought according to the history of each couple make my weddings unique.

During the last few years, I have launched several innovative wedding projects and services in Portugal, such as PopUp Weddings, Tejo Weddings. Trendy Wedding Planners by Rui Mota Pinto, Wedding Advise and Legal Wedding Advise and most recently the first professional wedding certification organization in Portugal - Portuguese Wedding Ambassadors PWA.

Awarded internationally for 11 times (5 times for Best Wedding Concept) being currently the most internationally awarded Portuguese Wedding Planner and one of most awarded professionals in the Belief International Wedding Planners Community. That has led to being since August one of the 9 Platinum members, the highest member degree, of the Community Belief Wedding Planners.

Member of the National Wedding Council in New York, an international certification organization for wedding professionals, being the only Portuguese professional ever to be connected to an international certification organism in the field of weddings.

In 2017 I was invited as Ambassador of the French film, by the directors Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano, "Le Sens de la Féte", representing the profession of Wedding Planner in Portugal.

I am currently a member of the International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals - IADWP, International Association that brings together some of the most recognized Wedding Planners linked to Destination Weddings.

Since 2017 I am Ambassador in Portugal of the international solidarity wedding project Two + Us of the community Belief IWP (

It´s all about your happiness!
Make It Your Day...Your Way!

Because in the end...

It´s all about your happiness!

Make It Your Day...

Your Way!