Rui Mota Pinto

Wedding Tailor & Planner

"when you put together infinite creativity and a proactive entrepreneur, the chances are real that you will have Rui as the result! He has an incredible professional background as a wedding planner and his concepts are spot on. He is a game changer in all creative process in the wedding industry to make the events not only beautiful but with character and out of the box."

Rui Mota Pinto opened his first events and advertising business at the age of 19 where he started to organize weddings.

At 26 years old he started his career as a Wedding Planner constructed until nowadays from experience, specialized training and certification, passion and a natural talent for transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

More thant two decades after his name is now synonymous with creativity. style and elegance through a unique vision.

He has created a name for himself taking his passion for his work and for designing spectacular and unique events as the basis of his own creative style.

Over the years has surprised, exceeding expectations with an unmatched level of inspiration, imagination and innovation to deliver memorable events.

He s recognized as a visionary whose creative talents and outstanding reputation gave him a tremendous success on the stage of Weddings in Portugal and worldwide.

During the past years he has launch several innovative projects and wedding services in Portugal such as PopUp Weddings, Trendy Wedding Planners by Rui Mota Pinto, Wedding Advise and Legal Wedding Advise and most recently Tejo Weddings being today a “Wedding Activist” and one of the professionals in the Portuguese Wedding Industry that mostly innovates and contributes to the industry development in Portugal.

11 time awarded (5 for Best Wedding Concept awards, 3 for Best Wedding photo Awards and 3 for Best Black & White Award) with the Belief Awards at the prestigious International Wedding Planners Community Belief IWP being one of the most awarded Wedding Planners at this community and the most Internationally awarded Portuguese Wedding Planner ever.

Actually a member of the National Wedding Council a certification organization in the US, being the only Portuguese Wedding professional ever to make part of an internacional certification organization for wedding profissionais all over the world.

Rui Mota Pinto embraced in 2017 the Two + Us project, a social Wedding Project for the less fortunate, from Belief Community and he is the Portuguese Ambassador.

It´s all about your happiness!
Make It Your Day...Your Way!

Because in the end...

It´s all about your happiness!

Make It Your Day...

Your Way!